"Charlie encourages you to recognize your strengths to  help you navigate to the next stage of your life.      Great  workshop!"

                                 Mary P.

                                 Aurora, CO


Your Next Move Now 

Life Transition Coaching


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 "Your Next Move Now" Helped me identify what are  the activities and skills that have made me feel  successful and fulfilled, and how I can apply those  things to what I want to do next...... love  your confidence and passion!"

​                                              Robin

 "​This presentation gave me a focus, teaching a process, enabling me  to breakdown a seemingly impossible undertaking, into smaller  manageable tasks that allow me to not be overwhelmed, while  instilling the confidence in my abilities, to know that I can and will  succeed, while not compromising my needs and values." 

 "I am excited to get started implementing the tools/process!"

​                                                                 Steve