Your Next Move Now 

Life Transition Coaching

          Your Next Move Now - Presentation Options

"I don't do therapy and I don't dictate orders, I COACH people.  As a participant YOU will be coached in finding

YOUR Pathway to a rewarding future by developing a plan to intensify YOUR skills, YOUR ideas, YOUR Talents and YOUR POWER."

 Charlie L. Barrett C.P.C.


Group Presentations for Businesses and Organizations - 'Overview of the Transition Process'

This 'One Day Presentation/Workshop' is designed for groups of individuals transitioning from career to 'POST CAREER', which includes retirement, semi retirement or new employment.  Presentation Topics include:


          *The Transition PROCESS - School through Career                                    *Needs, Wants and Desires

          *You Take Control - Job/Career                                                                   *Passion Skills

          *'Nine Terrific Things' Exercise - Passion 5 W's                                         *Health and Wellness - Best Health Possible

          *Passions - Love it, Feel it, Do it more                                                        *Goals and Objectives - Daily schedule - Bucket List

          *Rewarding Future                                                                                      *Taking FULL Control - Live the Life

Please contact us for further information about costs for Businesses and Organizations



This session will include the initial step in the discovery of your 'PASSION 5 W's'.  The entire "Process' of your transition coaching

is based on this initial first exercise.  You can also have a spouse, companion, friend or life partner attend as well.  With this 

session we can determine if 'Life Coaching' is something you would like to continue.  If not, we'll shake hands and part as

​new acquaintances.  NO COST, NO OBLIGATION!


Individual Coaching Sessions

'The Game Plan'

YOU will experience a series of scheduled 'one on one' sessions in which a personal 'Game Plan' will be created.  

                   Develop your Transition Process - Evaluate your Passions and find the 'Terrific Personal' pieces from the past.  

Understand your own Needs, Wants and Desires and realign your new Goals and Objectives.  

Design, create and LIVE your new exciting and rewarding future.     

Five - One Hour, weekly sessions - $450.00 

Eight - One Hour, weekly sessions - $650.00

(Additional sessions can be arranged if requested)

Alterations can be made to accommodate 'Group Presentations' and 'Individual Sessions' as necessary.

Please contact me for any additional information by using our CONTACTS page.  Thank You!

            *Information shared in any Individual or Group meeting, is ALWAYS personal and confidential, and will not be shared in any other manner.